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Display NameTo Domains [Sharing this NS]
Transform NameNSrecordToDomain_SharedNS
Short DescriptionThis transform determines which other domains share this NS record by looking at historical/passive DNS.
Data Source
AuthorRoelof Temmingh (


This transform uses a special type of DNS Name - a NS record. It determines which other domains use this DNS Name as an name server.

This is very useful in the infrastructure footprint of an organisation as it can reveal other domains that the organisation uses. If company X's Domain all have NS records pointing to a single DNS name this transform can find all (or most) of these domains. A word of caution - if the target is hosting it's name servers at an ISP then you will end up with a list of domains that hosted by the ISP - normally not the most exciting result.

Typical uses

Domain --> NS Record ==> Related Domains

==> To Domains [Sharing this NS]
--> Related Transform


Starting with the domain "microsoft" we can fetch the related NS records. From the NS records we can find domains using those NS records. This returns hundereds of domains owned by Microsoft and it's subsidiaries.