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Website To Server Technologies [Using BuiltWith]

Modified on: Mon, 20 Jul, 2020 at 7:51 PM

Transform Meta Info

Display NameToServerTechnologiesWebsite
Transform NameToServerTechnologiesWebsite
Short DescriptionConverts a website or domain to various internet technologies used by utilising the API
Data Source



Starts with a website Entity and finds the internet technologies used by the site using the API. Website technologies are returned as a string inside a phrase Entity. More information about the technology is stored in the description property of the phrase.

Typical Use Case

Query server technologies of a website from BuiltWith.


We can paste the URL for our home page into Maltego. It will automatically be identified as a URL Entity. We can then convert the URL Entity to a website Entity. From the website Entity we can run the Transform to return the server technologies.

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