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To Netblock [Blocks delegated to this IP as NS]

Modified on: Thu, 18 Jun, 2020 at 4:16 AM

Transform Meta Info

Display NameTo Netblock [Blocks delegated to this IP as NS]
Transform NameIPAddressToNetblock_NS4block
Short DescriptionThis transform will contact Robtex and determine if the IP number has any reverse DNS netblocks has been delegated to it.
Data Source


This transform queries Robtex's database to determine which networks have their reverse DNS delegated to this IP address. This is a very useful transform in the infrastructure foot printing process. Keep in mind that the IP address needs to that of a name server (that handles the reverse zones). In many cases this transforms provides better information than simply looking at routing or whois information. This is because organizations might have a full class B network but are only using three or four class C networks within the bigger block. In many of these cases they will only have reverse DNS information populated for these smaller blocks - and you can find these smaller blocks using this transform.

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