Transform Meta Info

Display NameTo Netblock [Blocks delegated to this IP as NS]
Transform NameIPAddressToNetblock_NS4block
Short DescriptionThis transform will contact Robtex and determine if the IP number has any reverse DNS netblocks has been delegated to it.
Data Source
AuthorRoelof Temmingh (


This transform queries Robtex's database to determine which networks have their reverse DNS delegated to this IP address. This is a very useful transform in the infrastructure foot printing process. Keep in mind that the IP address needs to that of a name server (that handles the reverse zones). In many cases this transforms provides better information than simply looking at routing or whois information. This is because organizations might have a full class B network but are only using three or four class C networks within the bigger block. In many of these cases they will only have reverse DNS information populated for these smaller blocks - and you can find these smaller blocks using this transform.