Transform Meta Info

Display NameTo DNS Name [Other DNS names]
Transform NameIPAddressToDNSName_SharedIP
Short DescriptionThis transform performs a reverse lookup via historical/passive DNS
AuthorRoelof Temmingh (



This transform queries two different 'historical' DNS databases - Serversniff and Robtex to see what other DNS names are associated with the IP Address. These databases are populated using various techniques.

The transform is useful to find co-hosted sites - e.g. the website (or MX, NS) of companyA could resolve to and co-hosted on that IP address are and/or In certain cases you will find that the forward DNS entries for the resultant DNS names are is now pointing to other IP addresses (other than the supplied one). This simply means that changes have been made to DNS, and that the provider's database is keeping the old information. Sometimes this is useful (as you can see that a change was made), sometimes it is annoying.

Typical Use Case

IP Address ==> DNS Name --> Domain

==> To DNS Name [Other DNS names]
--> Related Transform