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Alias To Wikipedia Edits

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Transform Meta Info

Display NameTo Wikipedia Edits
Transform NameToWikiEditsUser
Short DescriptionFinds Wikipedia Edits made by user accounts matching a user alias
Data Source
Wikipedia API



This Transform searches Wikipedia for edits made with an investigative subjects Alias (username). This is useful when tracking a user who uses a single username across multiple platforms. The results can be unreliable as we cannot be sure that two users using the same Alias are the same person. E.g. A user with the Twitter handle "Andrew15" might be a different to the person to the one using a Wikipedia account with the username "Andrew15".

Typical Use Case

Find Wiki pages edited by a user.


We can start with the phrase "president". From the phrase we can retrieve tweets containing this word, as well as the Twitter Affiliations for the accounts that sent out the Tweet. We can then convert the Twitter account's handle to an Alias, which we can use to search Wikipedia for edits under that name.

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