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To Domain [Sharing this NS]

Modified on: Thu, 16 Jul, 2020 at 1:04 PM

Transform Meta Info

Display NameTo Domain [Sharing this NS]
Transform NameIPAddressToDomain_SharedNS
Short DescriptionThis Transform returned shared domains on a NS record using historical/passive DNS
Data Source
OutputDomain, Netblock



This Transform queries two historical DNS providers to determine if this IP address is also used by other domains as an NS record.

This type of reverse NS lookup cannot be performed using standard DNS queries and is very useful to find other domains associated with the IP number.

In most cases one would work from the actual DNS name of the NS record, but if you only have the IP address available there is no standard way of knowing if the IP address is an NS for a domain or not. This Transform gives you the ability to do this. Unlike the reverse MX lookup the reverse NS lookup does not always imply that the domains found have a close relationship with the IP address as many companies and organizations outsource their DNS service.

Typical Use Case

Find other domains using the same NS as the starting target domain.


Starting with the domain "" we can get their name servers. We can then resolve the name servers to IP addresses. Using "To Domain [Sharing this NS]" we get other domains sharing the same NS record. This returns a long list of domains, which can be edited down to a list of domains owned/operated by Google and it's services.

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