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Display NameTo Entities - NER (Alchemy)
Transform NameDocumentToEntities
Short DescriptionThis transform extracts named entities (person, company etc) from the document
AuthorRoelof Temmingh (
OutputPerson, EmailAddress, Phrase, Document


This transform performs NER (Named Entity Recognition), using the Alchemy API, on the information extracted from an input document. The transform is capable of extracting peoples names, companies/organizations, phone numbers and locations from the text. Please note that NER is not perfect. 

Typical Use Case

Domain --> Documents ==> Entities

==> To Entities - NER (Alchemy)
--> Related Transform


Starting with our domain "" we can run the "To Files" transform to retrieve docments stored at that domain. From the document we can use this transfrom to extract entities identified by the Alchemy API.