Transform Meta Info

Display NameTo Tweets [From Circular Area]
Transform Namearea.circular.tweets
Short DescriptionThis transform will get tweets for an area.
Data Source
AuthorAnton van Aswegen (


Uses the Twitter API to fetch tweets from a circular area. Twitter users can choose weather or not to tag a tweet with their current location. This transform is only able to find tweets from users who have it turned on.

Typical Use Case

GPS Coordinate --> Circular Area ==> Tweets

==> To Tweets [From Circular Area]
--> Related Transform


Using Google Maps we copy the GPS co-ordinates for Johannesburg, South Africa. Paste the co-ordinates into Maltego, and they will automatically be recognised as a GPS Coordinate entity.

Using the "To Cirular Area" transfrom we get a circular entity. We can then run the "To Tweets [From Circular Area]" transfrom to retrieve tweets from that area. Due to resctrictions in the Twitter API we can only return the 80 most recent tweets per transform call. Running a periodic machine can be used to regularly fetch Tweets and build a more comprehensive list.

We can then analyse the contents of the tweets returned. In this simple example we will group the returned tweets by sentiment.