Transform Meta Info

Display NameTo Entities from whois [Alchemy]
Transform NameDomainToEntities_Whois_NER
Short DescriptionThis transform obtains whois information of the domain then parses it for entities using NER
AuthorRoelof Temmingh (
OutputEmailAddress, Domain


This transform performs NER (Named Entity Recognition) on the whois information extracted from the domain and proceeds to extract person names, companies/organizations, phone numbers and locations from the text. Please note that NER is not perfect.

Typical Use Case

Domain ==> Whois Entities

==> To Entities from whois [Alchemy]


Alchemy uses a text parsing engine to try and interpret the WhoIs infromation and to return relevant entities. For the whois information for "" the Alchemy API recongizes an email address and a location. Information that it cannot recognise is returned as a phrase.

From the conact email given we can see that Gumtree is owned by Ebay.