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To DNS Name [Find common DNS names]

Modified on: Wed, 24 Jun, 2020 at 6:31 AM

Transform Meta Info

Display NameTo DNS Name [Find common DNS names]
Transform NameDomainToDNSName_DNSBrute
Short DescriptionThis Transform will attempt to discover various common DNS Names in a domain.
Data Source



This Transform attempts to find the DNS Name on the specified Domain . This is done by testing a list of DNS Names and seeing if they exists. The list of names that are tested for can be configured inside the Transform. The default list contains the following names: www,mail,mx,ns,ftp,webmail,web,gateway,secure,intranet,extranet,smtp,pop The specified domain is appended to the name and tested. If it exists it is returned as a DNS Name.

Typical Use Case

Find Common DNS Name of a domain


Starting with our domain "" we use the Transform to find the DNS Name ""

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