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Display NameTo Netblock [Using routing info]
Transform NameIPAddressToNetblock_SS
Short DescriptionThis transform determines the network block that an IP address belongs to by looking at routing info
Data Source
AuthorRoelof Temmingh (


This transform will determine what network (range of IP addresses) the IP address resides in by looking at routing information on the Internet. This does not mean that the entire resulting network belongs to the owner of the IP address (keep in mind that in many cases it might be hosted environment). See also the other ToNetblock transform for making more precise estimations of network sizes and/or owners.

Typical Use Case

Domain --> DNS Name --> IP Address ==> Netblock

==> To Netblock [Using routing info]

--> Related Transform


Starting with our domain name "" we can get the associated DNS Names. From DNS name we can get the IP address and then the netblock that the IP address belongs to.