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To Phone number [From whois info]

Modified on: Thu, 16 Jul, 2020 at 1:45 PM

Transform Meta Info

Display NameTo Telephone number [From whois info]
Transform NameIPAddressToPhone_Whois
Short DescriptionTransform obtains whois information of IP number, then parses it for telephone numbers.
Data Source;;;
OutputPhoneNumber, IPv4Address


This Transform performs a recursive whois query on the IP address and parses the output for telephone numbers. The idea with the Transform is to provide the phone number of the owner of the network where this IP address resides. Keep in mind that in many cases smaller blocks of IP addresses are sub leased and that the whois information might not reflect this. This Transform is useful when you have a list of networks and want to see which ones belong to the same organization. The whois information itself is stored as a property of the IP address entity (IP whois). You should always manually inspect this data to give context to results. For more information about whois see the Wikipedia entry here.


Starting with our domain, we can trace it back to our main server IP. Using the whois database we can reverse the IP to a phone number.

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