It is observed that some of our existing customers are having trouble activating their currently deployed servers with new certificates. 

The cause of this issue could be the changes requested by the customer in renew order which made our servers to generate new certificates with changed name.

The error received is similar to the following error: 

» Invalid certificate, your certificate needs to match MALTEGOTECHNOLOGIESGMBH_SRV1.

Solutions to this problem:

  1. Migrating to the new server by taking a backup of the previous one. Click here for instructions
  2. Replacing the previous certificate with the new one by resetting the certificate. The steps are discussed below.

The scenario

We will discuss how to reset and upload the new certificates to existing activated servers. Let us first observe the scenario.

Currently, the iTDS is activated with the certificate named "ITDS-2018-12-04-MALTEGOTECHNOLOGIESGMBH_SRV1-180.pfx" and shows 171 days still remaining. This means we can access "Admin UI" now.

The new certificate which I want to use to activate this server of the next 365 days is named "2018-12-13_MT_365days.pfx".

When I try to submit this certificate I received the error shown in the screenshot above.

Note: If you have run out of activated days please contact us with your order number so that we can issue a temporary certificate. This will allow you can upload the new certificate using the method discussed here.

Steps followed to upload a new server certificate

Step 1: Click "View Admin UI" 

Select the correct certificate to view Admin UI. If you accidentally selected the wrong certificate, remove the certificate from your system, restart the browser and try again by selecting the correct certificate.

(In older versions you need to click on "iTDS" under "Modules")

Step 2: Click on "Reset Cert"

Step 3: Click "Reset My Certificate"

Step 4: Import the new certificate to the system.

Password for all Maltego Certificates: MaltegoServer

You can also remove the old certificate if it is no longer needed.

Step 5: Restart the browser & upload the new certificate.

Step 6: Select the correct certificate when clicked on "View Admin UI"

Now you should have access to your Admin UI