Our servers have been distributed as Docker images from October 2018 onward. We believe that moving our servers to Docker containers will allow for easier deployment, distribution and maintenance.

We provide two docker methods for Server Deployment:

  1. Using *.ova virtual machine file with pre-installed docker containers, the necessary docker images and the docker-compose file.
  2. Using Docker images downloaded from our registry on any operating system using (*.yml).

Hardware Requirements

The servers require at least 2GB of RAM. This is the only real requirement in terms of hardware. Most current processors will have more than enough processing power. 5GB of disk space should be sufficient space for the server.

Read Network Requirements here: https://docs.maltego.com/support/solutions/articles/15000015026-networking-requirements

Software Requirements

The host machine running the Docker containers will need to have the following installed:

After you have installed docker or setup virtual machine follow these instructions.

Starting the server

Step 1: Login to our docker registry

Before you are able to download the server Docker images, you will need to authenticate with our docker registry. To do this run the following command:

docker login registry.paterva.com

You will be prompted for a username and password. 

The username and password were given in all delivery PDFs from November 2018 onwards. Please submit a ticket to us via our contact form if you do not have any of these details available.

Step 2: Copy your docker-compose file

Your delivery PDF should include a link to a docker-compose file that can be used to run your server. The docker-compose filename should be itds.yml or ctas.yml.

You will need to copy the docker-compose file onto the machine that will be running the docker container.

Please note: It is recommended that you always run the docker-compose commands from the same directory. Please copy the docker-compose file to it's own directory (e.g. /var/maltego/ or /home/maltego/), and run all future commands from this directory.

Step 3: Start the server

From the directory containing the docker-compose file (e.g. /home/maltego/), run the following command to start the server.

docker-compose -f itds.yml up         #to run iTDS server in foreground 

docker-compose -f ctas.yml up         #to run CTAS server in foreground

The server will run in the foreground, and "Ctrl+C" can be used to stop the server. 

To run the server in the background, use the following command:

docker-compose -f itds.yml up -d       #to run iTDS server in background 

docker-compose -f ctas.yml up -d       #to run CTAS server in background 

Your server should now be running, and you can continue to the next article to configure your server.