Activating your server

Navigating to https://{{ server IP }}/ will display a UI for activating your server but when you are accessing the server for the first time it is expected that an insecure connection warning will be shown. This is because we use a self-signed certificate that will not be trusted by your browser.

Continuing with this warning, you should see the following activation page:

After placing your order, you will receive a "Delivery PDF" which includes a download link for your CTAS activation certificate. Please select the *.key file and click "Activate" in order to activate your server.

After activating your server, you will be prompted to set a server password which is used to prevent unauthorized access to the API keys used by the server.


After activating your server you will be prompted to enter a password. The password will be used to restrict read and write access to the API keys.

The default password suggested will be the Docker Registry password, that is included in the delivery PDF. Keep in mind that this token will be available to anyone with the delivery PDF, and you should change the password from the default if you would like stricter access control.

Resetting your password using the activation certificate

From the reset password page ( https://{{ server IP }}/set-password/ ),  you can reset the server password by re-uploading the activation certificate. Please ensure that this is the latest certificate used to activate the server.

Setting your API keys

After activating your server, you should be redirected to https://{{ server IP }}/status/ where you can enter your server API keys.

From this page you can enter, and save the API keys required to use all CTAS transforms.

Connecting the Maltego Client

On First Activation

The Maltego clients need to be configured to use your internal server.

The very first time the client starts up you’ll be prompted to select if you want to use the public CTAS or a internal/private CTAS (your own server). 

Check the Local TAS option and enter your CTAS server’s IP address or host name as shown in the image above. 

Click Next and follow the wizard until the transform server is added to your Maltego client. All the transforms, entities, machines and configurations will be installed from your internal CTAS to your Maltego client.

Manually Adding The Server

If you have already added the public CTAS server to your Maltego client and you now wish to add an internal one, this can be done from the transform hub by manually adding the seed URL as another transform hub item.

Click the "+" button in the transform hub to manually add a hub item:

Then enter your server details into the popup. The seed of your CTAS server will always be: https://{{ server IP }}/REMOTETAS.xml

Now you should be up and ready to use your fresh internal CTAS.

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