Fighting cyber bullies and pedophiles - with martial art and Maltego

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Cyberbullying is a constantly growing problem: in the last few years newspapers and televisions have dealt with it more and more. If we also count child enticements, cyberstalking and sex frauds it becomes clear that we need a way to teach vigilance to future generations.

In 2014 in Italy a group of people created Zanshin Tech: a martial art that deals specifically with these problems. Yes you read right: a martial art. Zanshin Tech matches up cybersecurity techniques with the principles of traditional oriental martial arts (acceptance, respect for your opponent, serene vigilance, discipline). Through the analysis of real cases, students learn how to recognize the internal mechanisms of digital attacks by understanding the individual attack techniques used by the aggressor, always in the respect of the Rules of the Dojo (the first of which is not to use what you learn to attack other people).

And they are using Maltego!

Students train in doing OSINT, both as individuals and in groups, inorder to assess the potential risk of a first contact and to deal withan aggressor, collecting evidence that can be provided to lawenforcement should the need arise.

Claudio Canavese, founder of Zanshin Tech, said: "Maltego was an ideal choice: it's simple but powerful; a very young student can learn how to use it in minutes while a trained one can unleash its full potential, taking advantage of the powerful sorting functions and building a shared graph together with others. These young students can create quick response teams (minimum 3 people) and assist their peers in the event of an attack."

Silvia Perfigli, Shihan 2nd Dan Master, says: "The immediacy of Maltego's GUI allows us to never lose sight of the big picture while we are conducting an investigation session: in active OSINT (during an aggression) the key is to find a few important pieces of information in the shortest time possible.We developed a set of rules to facilitate teamwork and we are introducing specific Entities to teach our students how to protect their digital identity."

If you are curious to see how these young students (11 years up) train, watch this short video on YouTube .

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