Use Cases

Modified on: Tue, 16 Apr, 2019 at 12:33 PM

Maltego has a brilliant community which develops use cases not only for their own company but also for others.  We at Maltego often find that while many users are interested in using Maltego, they feel a tad "lost in the haze" as to what their first exploration task could be. Therefore to start you off, spark some ideas and clear out the haze, here is a list of use cases that we promise to update regularly for your convenience. 

If you have requests, ideas or use cases you built that you want to share write us here, mention your "price" (aka free/discounted licenses or eval clients and the feeling of having the Maltego team officially endorse your ideas. T&C apply!), and we will make sure that Maltego keeps you on your toes!

Investigate and track real identity of an anonymous website operator promoting and selling DDOS attacking services for Bitcoins
Gleb Esman
Uncovering a New Angler-Bedep Actor
John D. Swanson
Using Maltego for cell phone analysis and geolocation with OSINT
Andrew F
Maltego and OSINT for crime scene analysis
Andrew F

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