Entity Attribution

In all shared graph sessions, each entity added to the graph will have the name of the user who added it shown on the graph above the entity icon as seen in the image above.

User Permissions

When in a shared graph session, it is important to note that every user that in the graph has complete control to read/write to the graph. Be careful who you give the security key to for the graph.

Shared Graph Layout

If a single user changes the layout of a graph, then the layout will change for every user that is in the graph. However, when a user changes their view, it will only change for the person who made the change.

Graph Existence

The communication for the shared graph session is over an XMPP server. None of the data for the graph is ever stored on the server, the data is stored on each client that is in the shared graph session. The graph will be available if there is at least one person with the graph open.

Work Offline

Under the Collaboration tab, there is a Work Offline button, clicking it will disconnect you from the shared graph but keep a copy of the shared graph in an offline window. From this offline graph, you can Reconnect to the shared graph by clicking the Reconnect button:

Show Usernames

The Show Usernames checkbox will allow the user to toggle between showing and not showing the username above entities that are added in a shared graph session.