Free-Tier Data in the Transform Hub

One of the reasons why many investigators enjoy working with Maltego is the ability to easily connect data and functionalities from diverse sources. As a Maltego user, one can browse, discover and access all sorts of integrations via the Transform Hub.

We are excited to announce that select data partners like Farsight and are offering free-tier access on the Transform Hub.

What does that mean for you?

In order to make it as easy as possible for you test the data offered by our partners for your investigations, you can now access a limited amount of Transforms for FarSight DNSDB or for free and with no API key required, directly through Maltego. It is as easy as clicking “install” in the Transform Hub and you can immediately start running the Transforms. The Maltego output window will tell you once you have exceeded your free quota.

Free trial with Farsight

Let us look at a quick example. Farsight maintains a huge passive DNS historical database. Among other things, this data allows you to discover hidden subdomains on a particular domain, giving you a deeper glimpse into the potential attack surface of a target you’re investigating than a regular DNS / reverse-DNS lookup provides.

Here is what Maltego’s regular “DNS From Domain” Transforms (from the Paterva CTAS Transforms) reveal about

DNS from Domain Transform Paterva CTAS Maltego

Running the same domain through FarSight’s passive DNSDB, here are the additional subdomains we are able to uncover:

DNS Domains from Farsight DNSDB Transforms

That is quite a bit of additional information, a lot of it certainly relevant if you were thinking about pentesting this domain.

In sum, there are now three options how Maltego users can access Farsight DNSDB:

1. Free-tier functionality

  • Instant access, no API key required
  • Limited queries (12 per hour)
  • Limited responses (12 per query for Maltego CE, 50 for Classic / XL)

If you are a Maltego user but new to the Farsight DNSDB, all you need to do is install the Farsight DNSDB Transform set and immediately utilize the provided limited free queries without installing a Farsight DNSDB API Key.

2. 30-day trial

  • (Free) API key required
  • 100 queries per day for 30 days
  • No response limit

To test the use of Farsight beyond the free integrations, you can get a DNSDB Trial API Key to utilize DNSDB for 30 days with 100 queries available per day by registering here.

3. Use the Farsight API key to unleash full functionality

  • API key required
  • No rate limits, no response limits

Using Maltego with Farsight DNSDB Transforms

If you are already both a Maltego user and Farsight DNSDB customer (or 30-day trial user), simply install the Farsight DNSDB Transform set.

To learn more, check out the user guide here.

Are you a data provider?

If you would like to reach new potential audiences by leveraging the large global Maltego user base, join our partnership program and make your data easily accessible to investigators worldwide. Click here:


If you have any questions regarding the free-tier functionality or the Transform Hub, please reach out on Twitter @MaltegoHQ.